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Welcome to Growbox Hill
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Monday, May 7, 2012

All kinds of good stuff...

Had family and friends out to visit over last weekend, and it was awesome.
Got to go out on a ladies day at the shooting range- I now know how to handle our firearms safely. Also got to eat ribs and kraut- man, I had forgotten all about that dish, it was spectacular! THANK YOU MOM!!
Got all kinds of cleanout goodies from my sister. A bunch of seeds, books, a mishmosh of other stuff, and YAY!! A food dehydrator. THANK YOU BEAR!!
Picked up some bulk black oil sunflower and buckwheat catgrass from the local feed shop for super cheap. Also picked up a few packets of seed on spring clearance.
And a special yay to a book fairy. When my sister and I were out at the resale shop this weekend past, a kind lady overheard us talking about books and she popped the couple bucks to pay for them when she was in line ahead of us. We didn't know it till after she left the store.
Random act of kindness... THANK YOU BOOK FAIRY!!

On Wed., I set to soak two kinds of nasturtiums, five kinds of morning glories- and set up a viability test on some black oil sunflower seed I got from the feed store. It's a 25 seed sample, so I should get a really good idea on if the stuff will sprout, or if I should just dump it in the feeder.
I also started up a whole bunch of stuff in the dehydrator my sister gave me.
Our local Hardings always puts a clearance sticker on produce that's on it's last day or two before it gets pulled. We graze pretty often off those deals. So, there was a lone package of sliced portabellas for 1.99, and a .99 cent package of cole slaw mix got spread out in the dehydrator.
I picked up four big bins of fancy organic baby spinach- down from 5.49 to 1.99. Ate a bunch for a couple dinners, and blanched, shocked, and tossed into the fridge four portions of spinach goodness. Of course those great bins got saved- I'd pay a buck for such a nice bin at the garden store, so I figure a buck for the spinach, buck for the bin, that's a good deal. 
Saved the pits of the avocados from dinner- just tossed them in a bowl of water for overnight. And saved the root bottoms and greens from the two bundles of green onions. The roots went into a container in the fridge, and the greens went into a container in the freezer.
Got all of the clearance seed packed up into their sample envelopes and snugged away in the fridge.

On Thurs.,  I put the mustards, wildflowers, marigolds, moonflowers, and Envy Soy out on the front porch.. It's time to start hardening them off.
I planted the three avocado pits and the root tails from the green onions used yesterday with dinner. The largest of the pits is already split open on the root end from soaking overnight, so I'm hopeful about that one. Had really nice success with the sprouted onion, so we are going to try out other kitchen scrap sprouting too.
Got the Minnesota Midget Melon, White Wonder Cucumber, Batwing Pumpkins, nasturtiums, morning glories, the buckwheat catgrass, and a couple reseedings of lovage and toothache plant done.
I also got all the paper tube bins set up for all 125 starts of corn. But alas, ran out of dirt so I couldn't fill them.  So I didn't bother starting the paper pot setup yet. And yes, of course I used all four of those spinach bins to hold tubes- each one holds 23 small or 18 larger ones. The tubes sit under the rim, so I can pop on the covers and use those bins as mini-greenhouses once they are filled. At least till the seeds start to sprout :)

Pulled the spinach out of the fridge. Squished them flat, sucked the air out of the bags, and tossed them into the freezer.
The mushrooms were done in the morning, so I pulled that tray and now those tasty mushroom slices are sitting in a jar waiting to get ground up. One package of slices stuffed up my "shroom holding jar", so now I need to decide what jar to pull off the shelf for powdered shrooms. I had a small tray of ends sitting from the last time I picked up button mushrooms, so I tossed those in with the portabellas.
The cole slaw mix- one tray was ready in the early afternoon, so it got pulled and tossed in a jar. With two empty trays I was able to set up all the onion greens from the freezer and pop them on to dry. Those will eventually be ground up for spice mixes.

On Fri... Lost power Thurs night :( It was back up by the time we woke up this morning :)

Pulled most of the green onion from the dehydrator and put it in a jar. There were still a few pieces left that needed more time. The celery was looking pretty good, so I chopped the rest of it up and reloaded the whole thing. Took the root end and sunk it into water overnight- I will be potting it up tomorrow.

Lots of plantings- 124 starts of Oh So Sweet Corn, one hill pot each of Sweet Dumpling, Golden Delicious, Long Island Cheese, Small Wonder Spaghetti, Cue Ball, and One ball squashes, 28 Mammoth Sunflowers, and a dozen each of Large and Small Gourd Mix and Autumn Display mix. The Autumn Display is a mix of pumpkins and squashes with a couple gourds.

Sat was pretty slow- merely potted up the gooseberries and the root end of the celery stalk.. The rest of the celery was dry, so it went into a jar, then a bag of frozen mixed veggies went into the dehydrator. 

So, today is Monday, and I started this post a week ago, lol. So I think it's time to post up all the stuff that happened last week :)

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