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Welcome to Growbox Hill
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Saturday, May 26, 2012


So... Planted corn seed for the third time today.. and not because I'm planting three plots of corn.

I decided to try using paper tubes to start the corn in. That went pretty well- cept the first batch of seed didn't really germinate, and I don't know why, if it was wrong temp for starting, or if the seed just wasn't very viable. So, not thinking about it I reseeded all the tubes yesterday and got the trays on the front porch since it's supposed to be super warm.
Yeah, woke up this morning only to find some critter demolished all the trays getting at the corn seed. As in utterly demolished, not one single tube left to reseed in.
It disturbed the sunflowers too, but thankfully those are far enough along that it lost interest in them pretty quick.

Well effity... and a lot of other swearing too- not funny Mama N.

So, I already had a couple trays prepped up for the beans, and just made another 50 pots to make the whopping 132 pots- and used up the last bigger package of corn seed I had, Silver Queen. But bet your boots those are staying inside the solarium under the skylight till they all sprout.

Kind of sucks, now I have to start all over with the bean pots :( But I will get this three sisters square foot thing to work gal dang it all. 

More on the death list...
All of the brussels sprouts, cabbage, and cauliflower are a wash.. I simply started them too early and by the time I got them outside to harden off, they puked. Lost a tray of leeks and most of the lettuce too. I accidentally mushed one of the toms while moving stuff out to the porch, and it looks like it probably won't recover.

I have full rows missing out of all the boxes now, well crap. I was planning on doing some extra spinach, carrots, and beets for whatever didn't turn out, but I really wasn't expecting this much die off. I got some refiguring to do before I can start planting..

Good news? Most of the toms and peppers are small but holding up pretty well. All the gourds and squashes are doing well, as is the compacto dill. The moonflowers are almost out of control and need planting.

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