Welcome to Growbox Hill

Welcome to Growbox Hill
Welcome to Growbox HIll!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Just stuff

Got my bow saw, it's a 21 inch. Rips through branches right fine. Starting to make a serious dent in the downed maple now. Sigh, if only it would stay rain free for long enough for me to get some serious burning done. One of the oak branches is now down, the other two not so much. The dead maple branch stuck up in the canopy hasn't shaken loose yet either. Ah well, it will come.

Started transplanting the ivy starts that are left in the solarium, which is nice. Gonna have to soak that dirt before I can dig out the rest though. Yeah, the pond is dry as a bone now, but so is the dirt around it, and it's hard as a rock. But I do have three kinds under the fir spot where I want them, I sure hope they take!

Got the first set of the iris beds in too. Trimmed out all the dead stuff of the pretty weed bush under the pine by the magnolia. Dug out all the irises, the big sky blue ones, from the area out front by the raspberries. If where I dug them from is any indication, they should do well- they were in total shade, now they are in partial sun. There ended up being quite a bit more of them than I thought, so I was able to really do a nice bed. The heirloom double glads aren't quite died off yet, so those will wait for their transplant.

Had to trim out a lot of wood down by the raspberries too. Sadly, a couple oak saplings had to go- they are directly under the power lines, so I couldn't leave them to grow :( Got a goodly pile of trim sitting now, and I'm not looking forward to making a few more piles like that down there. But it is seriously overgrown and under the power lines. And blech, I need to do some major weeding down there before I can start transplanting the random raspberries from the rest of the yard there. Good news is, most of em are showing their fruit heads, so it will only be a few weeks now till I know if they are all the same for sure or not.

And fucking hell yeah!! The mulberries are coming into ripe!! Ate my first one yesterday. Came off good, but still not quite sweet. Good thing I'm hitting Racine next weekend, need to get the dehydrator from my sister so I can start processing them. The orchard is coming along rather well too, I can actually identify everything now, lol. The cherries look to be the next to be ready. One of the apple trees got some pretty scarred apples forming- guess I'm gonna have to plan on pressing this year instead of next year. But the pears are looking good so far. The peach is sort of meh, but then it does need a goodly pruning.

The sunflowers, corn, and squash on the trouble spot are doing well. The cauliflower is still tiny. The squash and pumpkins along the arch drive are finally coming in enough that it's time to put in some stakes so I don't accidentally mow them down. lol, that reminds me, need to fix that stupid tire on the mower.

Not much to report from Tippy and friends. I'm seeing them all, and of course hearing Mr. Tasty, but nothing too interesting. Sadly, one of our orphaned raccoons is now dead. Looks to have been hit by a car by the end of our driveway. Haven't seen hide or hair of the other one, hope it's ok. Looks like only one cygnet made it this year too. And yeah, the hummingbirds are hanging out. They are frigging loud for such tiny critters.

There's stuff going on in the tec front.. But nothing really to do with Growbox Hill. Everyone should hit Thingiverse though, all kinds of good stuff!

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