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Welcome to Growbox Hill
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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Yes, seeds can happen

After a couple weeks of pretty much nothing.. Mostly because I managed to get myself punched in the forehead by an oak tree while doing the lopping on the maple that fell down in the back yard. Followed up by a slip and smack into a wall in the house the day after. Been a couple weeks recovering from that one, I must of actually done some damage, lol.

Anywho. Building it back up again. Got a lot of the windstorm damage gathered up. While toddling around a bit today, I checked on some areas I sowed seed in.
On the trouble spot slope- a few of the seeds took. There some lil squash plant action going on, yay!
The sweet corn next to the chicken pad? Got a few inches in several of them :)
The cauliflower has mixed success. The shadier area looks like it got some sprouting, the sunner patch not so much.

The popcorn scattering by the raspberry patch seems not to have taken :( I scattered them at the same time I did the sweet corn, and haven't seen anything.
I think it's too soon to start hunting squash seedlings along the arch drive.
nor have the leafy greens seed scattered in the FoH garden had success. I think I'm gonna end up putting some permanent spreadable in the whole area and mulch heavily. Maybe bushy berries that tolerate shade well. The whole dang thing is just too weedy, grassy, and most important, full of effing gravel and roots to ever properly cultivate. But the line of ditch lilies on the bottom of the wall looks good. The hostas that are coming back are pretty much at the wall line, and will look good too once they plump in more.
Ditch lilies.. Gall dang it, yep, a big part of the stand blooming in the solarium is ditch lilies. Those effers are coming out and becoming the first ones into the ditch along the road and easement drive. There's a pretty smaller yellow one too, and that one is getting transplanted for flavor. The tall fancy one will go elsewhere. The ivy that's popping back up I got a place for too, between the two firs where only weeds grow now. Gonna coax it up the slope to back the top of the hill behind the ditch lilies by the house.
In good solarium news, the algae has almost totally dried in the pond, making a nice thick cracked sheet for me to pick up and remove. That will be very good for the compost pile.

Kind of too soon to tell what's taken or not in the firepit sanctuary. There's for sure sunflowers starting to peek up in the ugly mud patch.. I can only assume other stuff is coming up, just lost in the tall grass. The daisies and red headed clover are in full bloom down there, big fat heads. I'm checking them for shaking off when they are ready. The roses along the fence have turned out to be lovely little pink ruffled ones. And the ones by the pond are indeed little white briar roses. Wow, the willow seedlings are taking over that area though, I gotta thin those out!!

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