Welcome to Growbox Hill

Welcome to Growbox Hill
Welcome to Growbox HIll!

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Well, the winds kicked in at quarter to twelve last night. We lost power till eightish this morning. And we got more storms coming in right now.
We got winds clocked at 55, it was fierce! Most of the heavy raining and lightning parts of the storm apparently split and we didn't get the worst of it.
Lots of little branches down.. and one of the maples in back had half of it split off into the yard. Thankfully it didn't hit anything and landed off the neighbors drive.

Since I found the camera charger, I was able to take pics of it.

The rest of the maple standing looks ok and not too off kilter, so I think it will just need it's wound cleaned up and sealed. Now we need to get a stupid chainsaw. Geez, I hope that's the end of it for this episode. At least the homeowners insurance is up to date just in case the wind blows in the wrong way next time.

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