Welcome to Growbox Hill

Welcome to Growbox Hill
Welcome to Growbox HIll!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Starting to balance

Think I'm figuring out I'm not wonderwoman in the yard, lol. Just taking it sort of easy, puttering for an hour or so, then taking a break.. rinse and repeat :)

Got the rest of the front and side yard de-twigged. Gonna have a nice lil fire tonight :) Seven paper bags of twigs in the pit, and a modest heap of branches to burn. Still got way more to burn too, but it's a start. Still got more than plenty to haul down for the solstice next week. Crap, I can't believe we are already upon the solstice. Gee, goodbie lengthening days, hello prepping for the coming winter. Woo-hoo ripening time for the earth!! And lol, still have enough cleaning and burning for the next couple holidays too :) With any luck, the firepit will be built up to use all times of the year.
Cleared out even more weeds from the FoH garden. At this point.. I know our drive is big enough, I'm just letting the greens die where they lay before they go to the compost heap. Discovered all sorts of growing action under the weeds :)

Discovered a couple mulberry trees in the yard, will have to dig those up and see if anyone wants em. Got a couple lil firs too that I think are worthy of potting up and letting sit for a while, they are the tall skinny kind- gonna give those away too. I just hope someone wants them.
I think I have long leaf plantain too, but I need to take some pics and confirm with a friend that I know knows his plantains.
Several more raspberry sproutlings to go into the patch in front. Looks like next year the patch will come up pretty darn good if I can get transplants to take.
Pretty sure I got some baby lilacs coming up in the FoH garden too. Gonna dig em up and start the easement drive line. Since all that is tall grass right now anyway, I know I won't mow the stupid things down, lol.
Gonna start a tad of the ditch lily line too. Got a handful of em I want to dig up and toss into the fenceline between the easement drive and neighbors fence. After the ones in the solarium finish their bloom, those are coming up and going in the corner where the easement drive meets the road. Still have to wait for a while before the rest of them flush. In a few years, a plush ass line of greenery will line the road and easement drive. If I can get a hold of water irises, I want to mix those in too. At this time those are buyable, and not already in the yard for free.. so they can wait :)

Nope, the effing truck hole in my yard still hasn't gotten fixed. I think if the weather is good midweek, I'm gonna fill it in myself. I know I've intended to before this.. but crap, I need to be able to mow that area.
It's looking good to be transplanting some ivy soon too. The area under the pines where I want to transplant the crap in the solarium to looks pretty free of moss, so it should just be dig, move, and water.
Solarium.. The alge pad is almost dry in the pond, so soon it will be time to work in there again. I think the current pad had too much "other stuff" to be useful for pressing. But since I'm not positive what is going to happen with the pond yet, just the outside of it. I think it may be our first alge growing area.

Now that the twiggies out front are clear, I can mow.. Just gotta fix the flat front tire on the lawnmower. Yeah, used the effing replacement once, and I managed to damage the new one too. Just gotta love my luck :) I'm hoping with time, the spirits already living here come to understand that I do want to do good, and to quit picking on me.

Effing mosquitos.. Mother lorn skeeters like me here apparently. One place on the planet where they will pay attention to me, and it's where I live :( Lucky for me their bites still do little but annoy at the moment. Crap, if they are willing to eat me, I gotta do something for everyone else that skeeters do already like. 
I will be looking for every packet of marigold seed once they go on sale. I was already planning on planting them heavily around the firepit. Now it's gonna be a mission, lol. I'll just mow the border areas this year.. But next spring, I'm gonna lay in the seed thick as hell around the perimeter. It might by the right time of season now to pick up a cheap flat of plants and see if they will take too.

FYI: Tansy is listed as great for anti skeeter action. It is also listed as being a honey poison too. Not killing bees, but the resulting honey is poison to humans. So that will not be something that will be planted in the yard on purpose.

I think for sure I will be dumping rocks found in the yard around the firepit ring. Apparently the yard is made up of sand, clay, and gravel. And tree roots, lol. I need to get out to HD and pick up a handful of 5 gal buckets for this. I wanna leave a handful all over for rock collection as I do gardening. As I get as much as I can carry, take it down to the firepit area. Prolly some into the easement drive too- there are some serious dips in the thing! There are some kind of too big rocks too, those are gonna get collected separately. I figure I can dump those down in the sanctuary for a while and use as needed.

It is kind of good that I have to be taking the yard in pace. I wanted to take the first full year to watch the yard and start to really figure things out. So far, I've been able to start second year planning already, which is totally awesome!
I am very optimistic about Growbox Hill being able to succeed. We settled into a mature property rather than a fresh one, and boy, there is some catching up to do.

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