Welcome to Growbox Hill

Welcome to Growbox Hill
Welcome to Growbox HIll!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

MMMM, food.

Thinking out a game plan. Having some salsbury steak tonight, but I am cooking up an extra batch of taters for mashing. The extra is to thicken the soup with.

And with all the snow predicted, I'm hoping that I will be able to do some cozy cooking tomorrow.

Found a couple of 99 cent/lb last chance bags of chopped cabbage and carrot coleslaw base at the store today.  That's gonna get cooked up into some soup tomorrow. Also using a couple bags of turkey stock and broth I boiled up from the T-day carcass. Still pretty happy to have gotten 52 cups out of a double boil. From a free carcass none the less with about two bucks worth of other veggie action.
I have a couple pounds of taters eyeballing out, so those are gonna get chopped and peeled for chunks. As will a bunch of the carrots. And onions, garlic, a few bits of sausage chunks... Yum.
I figure the whole pot will yield at least 8-10 freezer portions of soup.

I also plan on setting up a beans and sausage crockpot/s tomorrow. I want to make up a bunch to pull and serve with rice, or greens since we like them both. It will be likely that the pots will yield 6-8 freezer portions of yummy goodness.

I already picked up a multipak of BarS sausage on sale last month, and just did so again today. 14 links/2.5 lbs for 4 bucks. So tomorrow I will use up the frozen pack since I was foolish enough not to IQF it, and take time tomorrow to IQF the pack I picked up today out of the fridge case.

And it's pretty likely that dinner tomorrow will use up all of the tail ends of freezer cooking in a big skillet.

Will report back some more serious recipe action later, I gotta go mash taters. 

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