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Welcome to Growbox Hill
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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Victory Gardens

Victory Gardens.. Everyone should have one.

Victory can be a lot of things.
Yep, the U.S. is at war, though the government is not calling for us to grow our own like they have in the past. But shoot yeah, if you want to plant a tomato in your own support of troops, do so. 

If you are tired of companies charging you and arm and a leg for dried parsley or whatever.. Claim a victory over them by choosing not to patronize them. Grow a pot of parsley on the windowsill. Learn how to dry and store it too.

If you are tired of questionable farming and processing practices... Use your patio and claim a victory in the name of knowing damn well where your food is coming from. Use your yard to grow your own instead of just growing grass.

Claim a victory over food ignorance by planting a new veggie or herb you have never tried before. Or by planting an old favorite, and learn that not all produce looks store perfect, but is still perfect to eat!

Claim a victory over bad food habits by starting new ones with a garden. After spending the time and effort to grow an edible, it can be hard to resist eating it.

Claim a victory in self sufficiency. Do a little or a lot to be able to say, yes, I did this myself, and it felt good to be able to do for myself.

Victories can be  great and small. It can be a pot on the windowsill with your favorite herb. Choosing to plant your flowerbox with edibles instead of just pretty stuff- and yes, there are a lot of plants out there that are edible and pretty. Having a couple containers out on the patio- or filling it chock full of homegrown goodness. Putting in a garden so at least you get some edible benefit from growing, instead of just having the chore of mowing.

Whatever victory it is that you want to claim... Make plans now to start claiming it. 

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