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Welcome to Growbox Hill
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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New look for 2012

I've been looking at tons of blogs and forums lately while out on the search of information from people that have done it.
I figured so long as I was working on fresh action for 2012, the blog should be included to reflect that. Extra cool is that now I have a permanent listing site for all those good places I hit up for information. Expect to see all that sort of stuff expand as time goes on, and more subjects are covered.

So onto the random weeks doings...

I have the three sisters and veggie gardens planned out now, yay! I am doing a writing journal as well as my online blog. All my other "goal" areas have notes in them too now. But will I be able to implement them?

The weather is sort of worrying right now. I shouldn't complain, but we really haven't gotten much by way of precipitation. Reading up on some of the latest agricultural news, I'm not the only one in the midwest thinking about it. Last years crazy weather has led to a seed corn shortage that may end up being further impacted by this year if things keep dry.
I'm starting to have some concern about watering the gardens. We live in a really frigging wet area, but even so, a lack of precipitation is still a problem. I'm currently figuring on some ways of how to deal with the situation.

Started the newest portion of recycling the other day.
I think so far we have cut our landfill footprint by a lot. We used to fill a couple bins a couple times a month, and now we have one bin that we put out once a month-ish. We have weekly pickup, we just don't fill the bin enough to put it out every week. That's a lot of garbage being pulled for recycling- and all of it has plans for it. I have so far followed a plan of as I figure out usefulness of stuff, then that stuff gets pulled for recycling. I started with paper and cash back bottles, then added in other glassware. Then eggcartons and other cartons good for growing stuff in, and now paper tubes have their own bin, so does cans and random plastic containers.
An absolute must- clean whatever it is of any type of foodstuffs before you store it! Rinse out your cans and eggshells, wash out your closeable containers. Remove the labels from glassware at this time too if you aren't saving it with the label for some reason. I have found the easiest way is to just soak it first. Sticky crap left on the bottle from sticker labels comes off best with nail polish remover.

So now I'm going to tinker with the format a smidge more, then it's time to tackle the huge pile of dishes I've allowed to pile up, again.

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