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Welcome to Growbox Hill
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Thursday, January 19, 2012

my meows :(

Ocelot has been displaying some alarming symptoms this week. But I am keeping an eye on it to see if we really need to take her into the vet or not.
Acting totally normal. Drinking and eating normally, hanging out in my lap or on heated devices normally, sleeping and playing normally...
Only, there's been a couple piddles in inappropriate places recently, and not exactly normal color and amounts for a cat.
So checking all over the internet, including asking friends with meows.. And watching her since the first WTF moment on Monday...
She seems to be displaying some alarming symptoms that are steadily improving since Monday when we first had our WTF moment. So at this time I don't think I need to take a vet appointment, though I am keeping an eye on her. 
And found out some things to help our meow action in the future. First. Make damn sure none of the cats are locked up in not often used rooms. And yeah, need to have extra water bowls out, especially with our hard water and since it is winter. Need to start adding in more canned food to make sure they are getting enough liquids. Already switched to an indoor dry food, and will be mixing in some urinary tract health food.
I think that perhaps this will help Pooks as well. He's been coming up with some skin markings recently, and at first we have been thinking that the meows have been bickering alot. But with his sensitivity, and his dander, I'm wondering if some of his patches are because of water and diet too. Been brushing him extra, and been keeping my eye on cat fights more.
Moon and Marbles have been getting more notice, and they seem perfectly normal..
But geez, looking at the records.. Pooks is 13, the twins are 10, and Moon is 8... I guess they are all getting to be more mature meows now.

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