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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Got a wedding to plan...

Got a wedding to plan. We got engaged a couple days ago, but it took a couple of days to get over the WOW factor and calm down enough to be able to type about it without totally babbling too much.

We already had a lot of plans and notions, it was just a matter of having the right place and time. Well, we moved here a year ago, and already knew it was the place. My love thought now was the time, and I wholeheartedly agreed :)

So, we are planning a simple wedding in our yard next year. Simple ceremony, and a potluck to celebrate afterwards. Yay for super simple celebration.. But sheesh there is already a lot of planning and budgeting to be done.

Our theme is kind of spring wildflowers. Tee, hee, makes it super easy to mix and match pretty much anything. Since we are doing a potluck, I'm planning on picking up all sorts of kinds of paper plates and disposable flatware and drinkware to scatter all over the potluck tables.  And electric candles all over the place. I can shop clearance stuff all year and easily come up with all the regular goodies.
Also gives me time to make stuff.. Oh the many ideas of making stuff...  Might babble here, so gonna stop now.

And holy crap is there a lot of yard prep do be done this year so it's in place for next year. And lol, will have to carefully plan next year too since the wedding is smack dab in the middle of spring planting start up. A special thank you to my love for giving me my yard time, lol.  Some stuff I would have left to next year I will for sure do up this year.  And still on keeping with our third year plans for the yard.

I think a fence along the easement drive and the neighbors to the south. Both to keep them out and so I can start planning in nasturtiums for next year. I still got time and seeds to start if I can get them in this spring. An added bonus is that I can clearly mark off our drives and property lines so that next years guests won't be confused as to where to pull in.

I'm already cleaning up the pines next to my office. Geez, I pulled down a crazy huge scrubby weed tree thing. Still got a few branches to go with it. By the time I'm done with all the dead trim out and planting in with the leftover ivy that sprouted back in the solarium... I will have a lovely archway built in there.

We still love the newly opened keyhole to the firepit. We are kicking around building up the ring from two to three bricks high. With the opening of the keyhole is a great area for some seat and eat action as well as other elements. I spread out all of last years home collected seed as well as almost all of the bought seed last year for broadcast seed along the path lines. I started six dozen egg carton seedlings of marigolds to plant along the line as well. Where blank spots show up, I will plant other bug repellent plants as well.

Acl too much to think about.... 

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