Welcome to Growbox Hill

Welcome to Growbox Hill
Welcome to Growbox HIll!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A little bit of spring :)

Well well, Mama N has graced us with some spring weather this week. I got out into the yard for a bit during the weekend and took some pics of the land waking up from her slumber.

The view from outside my office window. Yeah, I am a lucky duck that this is what I get to see every time I sit down at my desk... But it's often distracting too with it's beauty, lol.
We got the seat logs rolled onto the firepit pad, and I'm hoping for dry enough weather this week so I can get out the lawn tractor and mow open the top of the hill. I REALLY want to get some marigold seed in place before we start hauling brush down to start spring burning. And trust me, we got a shitton of brush to be burning off.
 Discovered we have quite a bit more flower action than I thought in the brush area down by the raspberry patch that I started cleaning out last year. I think instead of moving them all I'm just going to promote them to fill in that whole spot. These are in the fence side section. I figure, heck, I am not going to be planting anything else there for quite a while since it's going to take forever to get the scrub tree crap cleaned out anyway.
 And we have these little lovelies outside the patch area, next to the lilacs. Looking at the area in the sun, I fear I might have done a bit of too good of a job cleaning out the area- there were what I was pretty sure were blonde morels in that spot last year- just not sure that they will come back this year since I really opened up the area to the sun.
 This is a nice fuzzy patch of moss growing at the base of one of our maples. So vibrant and alive!! Our neighbor told us the other day that what we got are sugar maples. Maybe there will be some syrup production at some point in the future.
 The first catkins are appearing on the magnolia tree, hooray!! The first fuzzies and buds are starting to appear on a lot of the other trees too- very exciting :)
 This is a shot of the house from across the pond. Kind of surprising, you can see little ducks on the pond that the swans haven't chased off. Apparently they are too little to be a bother :)
A shot of the creek that feeds the pond. Not actually our property, though it's fine that I get to wander around on the back 40's. It's almost like I have my own huge park to wander around on, and for that I am deeply thankful.

So, in other cool news... We now have a hot tub!! Took a bit of tinkering around by the neighbor to get it up and running, but today is it's first successful test run. We are letting it run for a while today to get up to temp. It's part of the exchange we made for doing up the paperwork for the new easement lines. Now I have to do my part of the job and figure out how to fix the cover for the darn thing. The vinyl is all good, but the underside is junked up. Keeping my crafty fingers crossed that I can actually fix it- to my understanding a whole new cover would be pretty frigging expensive. I'm going to check with the local pool and spa place anyway to see what their prices are just in case I royally screw up trying to repair the cover.
Sadly with all the fill and drain we have been doing to get the thing up and running- we have realized we got some pretty serious sediment coming up from our well. Might be nothing more than well drillers clay, might be indicating a more serious screen problem. I have to dig out the paperwork from the bank to find out who the company was that tapped the well, and give them a ring about it. LOL, if it ain't one thing, it's another.

Ocelot... Well, the first two weeks of antibiotics didn't work too well. So we tried pills- that really didn't work- one time of her taking a bite of food with the pills in it and she foamed, drooled, and puked. The second time of trying the gun, and she scratched and bit. So she went back on liquid, a different one this time. Either it's having a good effect, or she is finding somewhere else to piddle. No bad puddles in any of the bathrooms or in the kitchen that we have found for a couple days. Seriously hoping the next urinalysis comes back clean, or else it's back off to the vet for more tests. And we really can't afford that :( So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will come back ok.

It's supposed to get into the 70's this week, so hopefully I will be able to write next time about really getting some yard stuff done!!

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