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Welcome to Growbox Hill
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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Planted more seeds...

Yep, planted in a ton more seeds.
Kicking off on what I planted on the 16th.
Papri peppers, pepperchinis, and mini bell peppers failed completely, not even their shells cracked :(
They have been replaced by red cheese, cayenne, and tangerine pimento pepper types. Respectively, a paprika, a hotter preserve, and a sweeter preserve.
The hot pepper mix currently only has 4 of 8 plants sprouting- one full tray sprouted, one didn't. Gonna wait another few days to see if the blank tray starts anything or not before I reseed.I gave that tray some extra water to make sure all was moist, and moved to the inside of the heat zone.
Everything else is trundling along just fine so far. Some stuff hasn't come up yet, and I'm not sure if that's because it isn't supposed to or not yet.

What I planted on the 17th. the snowball X cauliflower was a fail, I replaced it with early snowball A cauli. I may be shifting the beds pattern to allow one full row of cauli, and one full row of cabbage now. Reseeded 2 of the brussels sprouts, and everything else is trundling along very well so far.

What I planted today other than replacement seed... Lutz beets, parsley roots, parsnips, red carrots, envy soy, luffa gourds, moonflowers, wildflower patch pots, parsley patch pot, cutting celery, long island mammoth dill, and brown, black, and white mustards.

I already started 3 containers of compacto dill, and those will stay in containers. The long island mammoth dill I planted a dozen paper pots of and plan on plugging them into that troublesome hill spot. The parsley patch pot is for outlining the mow line on the top of the hill outside my office window. I want to start marking in that area so I can start working on putting in steps leading down the hill. The luffa gourds are for along the fenceline that walls in the compost pile. I'm going to train them to drape over the top of the runs I hope. Moonflowers will hopefully line the white fence from the garage to the end of the fenceline. Eventually I will cultivate that whole pathline to a tad wider than the riding tractor. The wildflower patch pots are to plant into the sanctuary.

If even one third of the seed I'm planting this season yields, I will have a ton of preserving to do. And yay, a ton of self grown produce I got for pennies per plant instead of bucks per pound or package at the grocery store.

Spending so far?
A bunch of seed I've been using was bought, and a bunch of it was free. After this season I'm going to try to save as much seed as I can- for next years plantings of stuff I liked. And whatever is left over we shall see what happens. A few care packages I'm sure, perhaps a few packages of seeds for selling too if I'm lucky.
I've purchased a few bags of potting soil for this year. Around 25 bucks so far I think. I'm keeping track of the bags this year so I know how many cubic yards of the stuff I will need for next year.
All of the planting containers have been free so far. Stuff that we have had for years and a ton of recycled goods. All the pots are either recycled newspaper, soup and coffee cans, or egg cartons. Exceptions to this are a few cooking pots that went to junk that I reused for planting purposes.

So, now that I have a couple hundred seeds planted, Mama N shows her playful side. We are just coming into a week of 30's for nighttime lows. Eeep! So we have slid the whole bench a few feet away from the windows, and I have all the pots packed together. Both ceiling fans are running along with a little space heater on the floor on a cinder block. My love has started tinkering around with the pond, so that has helped keep the temps around 50 and above. With all the new plantings today that requires me to sit for another 7-10 days before I should report progress or even think about plantings. Right now I need to take the next few days and plan out what will still be started and what will be starting direct seed.  cx

I also got all the black plastics done today, hooray! All neatly folded up and hopefully I will remember the fold patterns and open them up right, har har. If things go pretty well this year, I hope to have three boxes made by next spring. And then the next years added boxes will be on plastic.
Next step for this year is to sort out all of the gallon milk jugs and slice the bottoms off most of them. When I put out the plastics I will insert them into the ground rain gauge style, and if I need them for a little bit of weather bell action, I can use them for that too.
And place out my markers around the raspberry bed on that side. I need to mark off that whole corner so I get a better idea of what needs to be done down there before I start laying out plastic.
The price for the plastic and the yard pins to place them. I paid 25 for 150 landscaping pins. 16 for 4 rolls of black plastic, 10 ft by 25 foot. I found that though the 10 foot wide usually holds up, the 25 foot long sometimes varies a bit. So I have a couple rather long tails leading into the conjunction. That's right fine by me. If I find myself with too much tail, I'm sure I can put it to other use.

We got in the new raspberry bushes yesterday evening. I totally forgot about them till just now. I have now opened the bag up into two pots and separated the root bundles with a little water to tide the plants over till next week when the temps look a little more handlable. Caroline, a red, and Anne, a gold.
This corner I'm building is a pretty pivotal marking for the yard.

Got the rest of the bird scares done, I'm kind of disappointed with the yield. We shall see what an unopened box yields, lol. A bunch of the caps are now going to be sent off to gridworks for the treads on some cement stair casting.

I'm off, I got more to say, but it's dinner out tonight, and I need to get dressed, lol.

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