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Welcome to Growbox Hill
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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Starting seeds and stuff

Yay, got some stuff done this weekend :)

First off... got some stuff done down around the firepit sanctuary. Got the keyhole path mowed open to where I want it- and we both love the result. Gives a much better and open view down to the firepit, and when night falls, no more trying to find the path in the dark, lol. We have decided against a pergola down there- it would block the view far too much. So that will end up going elsewhere. Got all the marigold seed scattered along the edges of the keyhole, and about a third of the wildflower seed patched in. Only did a third just in case we get a cold snap before the month is out. Also cut out a bunch of the withies from last year. Not quite all of them, but geez my arms got tired. Also got eight loads of wood debris down by the pit, so now we get to start burning stuff, hooray!!
Unfortunately, the jerks next door also thought it was a prime weekend to baha around my firepit, across the sanctuary, and tear up the easement drive- they were very lucky I wasn't home to see it. But it really has driven home the point that we need to put up a fence between their drive and ours since they have no honor or respect.. Best just to fence them out.

Got most of the pine needles scraped off the driveway and distributed under the triple pines. I'm gonna keep doing that till the whole silly thing is buried- that way I don't have to worry about mowing once we start installing mushroom logs there.

And hooray for a boatload of seed starting!! On the 16th, I planted in rosemary, marigolds, a couple kinds of lettuce mixes and arugula, compacto dill, roman chamomile, oregano, toothache plant, lovage, rue, calypso cilantro, fraise des boise strawberries, purple basil, garlic chives, genovese basil, papri peppers, green zebra tomatoes, ghost chilis, pepperchinis, mini belle peppers, hot pepper mix, and paul robson tomato. On the 17th, I planted in Lancelot leeks, early snowball A cauliflower, mammoth red rock cabbage, snowball x cauliflower, long island improved brussels sprouts, danish ballhead cabbage, pumpkin pepper, the direct seeding of the marigolds and the wildflower mix. Today I merely got some mixed color aquilegia scattered in under my loved office window. It's a pretty shady and dead spot, so I'm hoping it will fill in there.

So here's a couple pics of the seed starting in the solarium..

 Me rolling up some paper pots... Awesome recycling, and makes the pots free! The low pot waaay on the end is the one I used to start parsley seed a few days ago. I think I may end up starting another large pot of the stuff- never can have too much dried on hand with they way I go through it.
 A good shot of the variety of stuff being planted. Yes, those are bags of soil, my compost pile just isn't up to snuff for starting seeds yet... Hopefully next year it will be :)
And a nice shot of most of the stuff... I recycled crapped out pans for lettuce, and the yucky muffin tin went to starting the strawberries. The soup cans are all the different herbs. The pink egg cartons are the roman chamomile, and the yellow ones are marigolds. The paper pots hold veggies. I used a wine bottle for my big pots for toms and peppers, a soda pop bottle for slightly smaller pots for my cabbage, cauliflower, and brussel sprouts, and a small spice jar for my leeks. Why so small on the leeks? so that way I can start hilling them right off the sprout with some of the cardboard tubing I've been saving. By the time they are ready to go into the garden the tubes will be more recycled soup cans. Now I just need to pull out the square foot stencil I made up and figure out which cans to use, lol.

AND OOOHHHH EXCITING EDIT!!! Just checked the seeds... and one whole pot of lettuce is already sprouted and showing heads... I just planted them yesterday!!

Maybe if all goes well this week I will start laying in some of the black plastic. I want to get in on that pretty darn soon if I'm going to have any chance of smothering out the grass where I want to be planting in stuff, lol.

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