Welcome to Growbox Hill

Welcome to Growbox Hill
Welcome to Growbox HIll!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

One week later...

Ok, so a week ago I planted up the first load of seeds. Well the parsley was a few days before that, but meh.
So, what do I have popping up today after one week? The parsley, dill, basils, cilantro, both types of toms, some of the hot peppers, the brussels sprouts, Mammoth Red Rock cabbage, Early Snowball A cauliflower, the leeks are just starting to peek their heads up, and the lettuces. Holy cow, with the bigger pot I planted, I was getting sproutlings the next day! And the current count for the marigolds? Out of 72 plantings, so far 46 have sprouted up. Not too bad for old seed, gives me some big hope that the seed I wild broadcast along the edges of the keyhole leading down to the firepit will produce some plants too :)
And haha, I have already figured out I will need more seed starting space. Right now we got a couple 10 inch boards set on coolers running the sunny window length of the solarium. I want to replace the coolers with cinderblock, and do a center pillar as well as the end ones. I'm thinking if I do that I will probably be able to stack a second shelf on top of the first, and really utilize all that window space.
And it is time for the massive solarium cleanup. Really need to dig out what's there so I can start dropping in herbs. I got sage, thyme, and rosemary ready to go. Thought about putting them outside, but I have year round picking available by keeping them indoors for now.

Started to get some of the brush along the fenceline cut up and removed. Not much though, think I'm gonna move it over to the arch drive for further breaking up. Think I'm going to reserve the few big funky branches instead of cutting them up to use to block the far end of the drive too. Instead of having it full of brush all the time, I'd rather use it for other staging.
Got the plastic cut for the squashes along the fenceline, and box 3 of veggie row marked off on plastic. Today will hopefully see the rest of the plastic marked. This will hopefully make it super easy to put in the gardens this year. Thinking of making up a bunch of the beer cap bird scares too. I think I'm going to attach them to a bunch of the bamboo skewers I picked up. Hopefully the little birdies will leave my garden alone, lol.

After torturing Ocelot with weeks of meds... She got a clean bill of health, hooray!! And she's forgiven me enough to be curled up in my lap right now, so I may not be starting on anything for a little while. It's just so nice to have her curled up in my lap again :) Even better to know she's healthy again.
And ugh, the grackles are back. I got a couple cheap tube feeders, and they are just hanging out on one of them. I need to trim that little branch off the tree and see if that makes a difference. All the other birds don't want to come hang out because of the grackles. And the chase is on on the pond. Never fails that a couple of geese try to press their luck- and they always lose to Mr. Mcswanums.

Allrighty, need to go get some stuff done...

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